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Sanders Glen Groups

Samaritans - If volunteering is your passion, you'll enjoy being part of the Samaritans at Sanders Glen. This resident group is always finding ways to give a little of themselves to help others. Whether it's saving their plastic bottle caps, watering flowers or helping to organize a food drive, the Samaritans help make Sanders Glen, and the world, a better place.
Glen Dells - The gift of song is beneficial to both the performer and the audience. The Sanders Glen choir, aka the Glen Dells, join voices regularly to practice and entertain. If music makes you happy, lend your voice to the Glen Dells and share in the gift of making music together.
Ambassadors - Consider this group the "Welcome Wagon" of Sanders Glen! Our Ambassadors are intentional about introducing themselves to new neighbors and extending a warm welcome. These dedicated residents wear a puzzle piece pin, signifying to new residents that this is a good person to ask questions of. If you don't remember the way to our library, or want to know about the activity schedule, the Ambassadors are here to help!