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Living Well

Ultimately, our goal is your goal - to help you live well through a holistic approach to life. We will work to fulfill your physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and social desires in your every day activities. A well-balanced life makes for a happy life!

Stay Active

Stay active through our fitness center, designed especially with seniors in mind. Physically active seniors have fewer injuries, recover more quickly, and enjoy participating in fun activities with their friends and family. Whether it's our exercise room, walking around the community, or our morning exercise class, you'll have many options for getting fit today!

Spiritual Growth

Feeding the soul is an important component of living well. All residents are invited to attend a non-denominational service on Sunday or participate in Bible studies throughout the week. At Sanders Glen Assisted Living you have many opportunities for spiritual exploration and growth.

Emotional Wellness

Our community is one built upon support. We are here to help you connect with other residents and encourage a sense of belonging and openness. Let us know what support you need and we can suggest a support group that best suits your wishes.


The brain is always seeking the opportunity to learn. Our activities are designed for fun and to help you stay sharp. Whether it is trivia night, euchre club, a discussion on current affairs, or puzzle palooza, we have activities designed with your intellectual growth in mind. Learn more about our lifelong learning attitude at Sanders Glen Assisted Living when you tour our community.

Social Wellness

Are you a social butterfly or just want to be? Assisted living offers many opportunities for interacting with others and the chance to build camaraderie through planned activities in both small and large group settings. You'll learn so much more about the individuals at Sanders Glen Assisted Living, that you won't believe you haven't known them your whole life. You may even discover a new best friend!