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What People Say

"Very Impressed! I wouldn't have guessed something that incredible would be inside that building." - May 2011

"To the Wonderful Staff at Sanders Glen: We are so happy that my dad, James Chambers, is  now residing at Sanders Glen! What a difference it has made in his & our lives! Thanks to all who have touched his life and helped him & us through the transition. Happy Holidays." - December 2017

"Dear Sanders Glen Employees,  My name is Linda Hunt. Last weekend, my sister Lori and I spent the weekend helping our parents, Dorothy and Ernie Stoops move into Sanders Glen. We were greeted by the most helpful staff I've ever encountered. Your customer service, and  your compassion made it a little bit easier to leave Mom and Dad and fly back to Georgia.  It is so hard leaving them, but knowing they are  in good hands makes it better.
The food is excellent, each staff member I interacted with, or I saw interact with other folks showed such a caring attitude in their tone of voice and their actions. I can't thank you enough for that!
 I hope this card will brighten your day, as you have brightened our family's. Take care, be well, and keep being kind!
What a difference you make in other's lives. What a great legacy you are leaving!" - August 2015
"Thank you and the others who signed the Christmas card. It felt like it was from one big family, which is how I would hope to feel wherever I lived."
- Resident, Note sent before moving in

"Hi Sue, Debbi Smith was kind enough to provide your email address to me when I asked. I wanted to share my Sanders Glen experience with you. I was relocating my dad from Florida to Indiana and needed to find a good place for him to live. First off, my husband and I met with Debbi. As I'm sure you are aware, she is a joy to work with - very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. She gave us a tour and introduced us not only to staff, but to residents. Sanders Glen was the only facility we visited where that happened. While we were on the waiting list, Debbi was great about keeping me posted on status. When something finally became available, she helped me successfully navigate the process in getting all of the paperwork completed in record time. She promptly answered all my frequent questions about move-in and provided a lot of very helpful information overall about resident life.
My dad was a short-time resident at Sanders Glen. That wasn't the plan, but that is unfortunately what happened. His name was Jack Stage and he lived in apartment #312 for approximately 10 weeks. He passed away on July 8 under hospice and Sanders Glen care. I wanted to tell you that I was very impressed with the staff at Sanders Glen, in particular the nurses and aides - Vickie, Jaimie, Shelby, Amanda, Eileen, Debbie, Carrie, Beau, to name just a few. They gave my dad excellent and compassionate care as he was going through his illness and decline. It was a difficult time. They treated me with kindness and kept me frequently updated on his status and condition. Any question that I had, they were extremely helpful in answering. They never made me feel that they didn't have time for my questions, although I'm sure they were busy. Any difficulty that my dad was having, they handled with professionalism, experience and skill. It was obvious that they worked hard and had good relationships with the residents.
During the last week or so of my dad's life, they coordinated care with hospice and did everything possible to make my dad as comfortable as possible as well as provide an encouraging word to me. It was one of the most difficult times in my life, and those wonderful ladies will always be in my heart for everything they did for my dad. I cannot speak highly enough of the care and compassion they showed. I was and will always be deeply appreciative of their efforts. From Vickie who helped me with finding 24x7 care for my dad and was incredibly supportive. To Carrie and Jamie (and also Vickie) who were there for the last couple of days of my dad's life and were so on top of making sure he got the medications he needed on a regular basis. They were attentive, even with their busy schedules. To Shelby and Amanda who went above and beyond to attend to my dad's needs. They made sure he ate and even made regular runs to Subway for him. He had a deep love of Subway sandwiches! :) To Eileen and Debbie who cared for my dad and always shared a laugh with him. To Beau who had the unfortunate job of coordinating the pickup from the funeral home. It didn't go smoothly, and she handled it so well - she was persistent and kept us informed; she was kind and sympathetic.
Your staff treated my dad with kind consideration, respect and dignity. Any one of those ladies would say that they're just doing their job and they didn't do anything special. But it was special. To me, and most importantly to my dad. It did not go unnoticed. My husband and I wanted to be sure to express our appreciation for them and to all of the nurses and aides who cared for him. I met many, but not all. They're a great team and they all do you proud." - July 2015