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Sanders Glen Dietary Team Wins Pumpkin Contest

Another serious pumpkin decorating contest has been completed at Sanders Glen Assisted Living. The 2016 winning department is the staff from Dietary Services.

Members of five departments battle it out each fall for bragging rights and the chance to hold the coveted pumpkin trophy. Over the years the residents have been treated to some crazy pumpkin themes as the staff have created everything from scary to adorable, animated to intricate, funny to fascinating.

The pumpkin decorating contest is just part of the annual Halloween festivities. Sanders Glen Assisted Living residents vote on the pumpkins displayed by the various departments. The winning department is announced during the Halloween party attended by residents and staff. The parade of costumes is another display of the creative side of both residents and staff, as many folks wear costumes for the day.

Sweet treats and fun games are plentiful to complete the afternoon which helps us say good-bye to October.

You probably know someone who would enjoy a fun afternoon like this. Call to schedule a tour of Sanders Glen Assisted Living in Westfield, Indiana, and we'll introduce them to some of the creative people who live and work here!